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5 Minutes to natural beauty

Who doesn't want to spend minimal time on their beauty routine while still feeling at your best?! Everyone is distinctly different so there is not one piece of advice that will work for all women. For example if you have fine, straight hair, with naturally clear skin but sparse eyebrows then you would have a totally different beauty routine then a woman with thick, curly hair and luscious lips but dark under-eye circles. We wanted to help you save time and energy by giving you a few secrets into what to focus on and why. We are each created uniquely and we want to give you a customized roadmap to looking naturally beautiful in 5 minutes or less!

It's as easy as 1,2,3! Start by selecting your hair type, then select your favorite facial feature that you'd like to enhance, and finish by selecting your least favorite feature that you'd like to camouflage. Let's start with hair! This month we are featuring our all time favorite Oribe styling product Dry Texture Spray, (a go to because) it is perfect for ALL hair types read along to find out how to use it with your daily routine.

I have Curly hair: Start your morning by spraying Oribe Restyling Mist and then gently scrunching the hair to reform the locks that have been flattened or found their way out of shape over night. Add some Dry Texture Spray to the roots if you'd like to get rid of any oil build up. Then respray the Dry Texture through your ends, to create that perfect tousled second day curl. What is so great about Dry Texture spray is it is a dry shampoo (with out any white powder residue) and texture spray all in one.

I have Wavy hair: Get your morning off to a beautiful start by applying Oribe Dry Texture Spray to the ends to create a beachy look then spritz the roots to get a little volume and conceal any dirty roots.

I have Straight hair: Wake up and feel refreshed by applying Oribe Dry Texture Spray at your roots to increase volume and get rid of any oily build up, then run a drop of Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil through the ends to add shine and control frizz.

Now that your hair is back in shape, lets address your most beautiful feature and make it even more attractive!

I love my Eyebrows: If you've got nice thick eyebrows, go through and tweeze any stray hairs and use a clear or tinted brow mascara like Queen Of The Fill Brow Gel by Elizabeth Mott to keep them in place.

I love my Cheekbones: Grab that highlighter and dot and blend it in along the top of your cheek bone (you can add a touch to your eye lid as well) where you'd naturally get that sun kissed glow, we love Charolette Tilbury's Hollywood Beauty Light Wand. Go the extra mile with a dab of creamy blush too! This will give you that perfect dewy natural look. Now smile away!

I love my Eyes: Play with applying a pearly white eyeshadow to the inner corners and upper brow bone. Finish with a swipe of mascara like Charlotte Tilbury's Full Fat Lashes to the top and bottom lashes to open up your eye and draw attention to your best feature!

I love my Lips: Layer Benetint or Posietint lip tint. This will add a sheer tone, enhancing your natural lip color and look like you just applied your favorite moisturizing lip balm. Keep it nearby throughout the day for easy touch ups.

I love my Skin: Gently dab tinted moisturizer with built in SPF like IT cosmetics CC Cream which contains SPF 50 all over your face to protect from sun exposure and to create a radiant glow to show off your gorgeous skin.

Lastly, let's touch on the features we'd like to camouflage in order to feel our very best!

Dark Eye Circles: Brighten your whole face by dabbing some cream concealer like BareMinerals Correction Concealer, with your ring finger, beneath the eye and touch the inner corner of the eye with a pearly white eyeshadow to brighten and open tired eyes.

Blemishes: Strategically and sparingly, apply the BareMinerals Creme Concealer to blemishes, scars and spots that you want to disguise with a small concealer brush. Finish with a light dusting of a matte translucent powder to conceal oily shine or with a little shimmer for a glowing look.

Sparse Brows: A well shaped brow should not be underestimated as it goes a long way toward bringing the attention to your beautiful eyes! Grab your favorite brow powder or pencil to fill in areas of your brow that are weaker. Our go to is Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade. Finish with a brow gel to keep hairs in place and to frame your face perfectly!

Pale Lips: Adding depth and shine to your natural lip color can significantly impact the way your whole face looks. After all, a bright smile makes for a friendly countenance! Go ahead and check out our recent blog post on choosing the perfect nude lip color for your skin tone here.

Okay, Gorgeous! That was easy right?! A favorite hair spray, a few perfectly customized makeup products and just 5 minutes of your time can make a world of difference! No other product can match the Oribe Dry Texture Spray's ability to create effortless texture, to mimic that beachy wave or bedhead effect that we all love! Book your hair appointment with us to try it out for yourself! And for even more inspiration, head on over to our Instagram page and check out our recent how-to video for a quick, easy way to put your hair up and look put together in minutes! We can't wait to see you soon!

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