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Fall Winter Hair Trends

As Fashion Week closed earlier this year we saw a lot of new exciting hair styles and some old favorites that are once again taking the spotlight.

One thing we were surprised and excited about is the reappearance of the side swept bang on runways. For a lot of us, this style never went off trend. A side swept bang is easy to style, works well for most face shapes and has the light-hearted nature of a bang without the commitment of straight across or curtain bangs.

Runways this year were dotted with beautiful, rich brunettes. The summer months brought a lot of blondes out, which of course we also love, but as far as trend forecasting there’s no denying that rich, deep brown locks will never go out of style.

Last summer we saw stylists glazing their brunette’s with a gloss or toner to keep those ends feeling shiny, healthy and rich. From what we can tell, this timeless look isn’t going anywhere.

Glossing your ends is an easy way to deepen, brighten or accentuate your look no matter what color you’re sporting, perfect for when you feel like it’s not necessarily time for a big change but it is time zhuzh up your look.

Another undeniably chic hair trend we saw this year is the sleek bun, and we have no doubts this easy to accomplish style will make its way into 2023 and beyond. Whether you’re clipping your hair up with a claw clip, braiding a long pony and twisting it, or you’re one of our talented beauties who can put their own hair in a chignon, chic and effortless buns aren’t going anywhere.

This style can seem a little intimidating at first if you’re more of a wash and go kinda babe, but we promise, this style is for everyone. You can always ask your stylist at your next appointment to give you a little hair help, or try one of our Talis Claw Clips available in salon. With a variety of styles, colors and shapes available, we’re proud to say that these clips are made of acetate rather than plastic so you’ll not only be looking cute but also not contributing to our collective carbon footprint. (And sustainability never goes out of style.)

One of the styles that we saw a lot of were effortless chic messy looks. This might be our favorite look we saw as it has less to do with how you style your hair, and more about the cut you get from your stylist. As you know, at Parlour we’re all about working with your natural texture and making your mornings as easy as possible on those days you don’t really want to style your hair too much.

To achieve these tousled looks, you’ll need to start with haircut that fits your natural hair (one size does not fit all) and learn to hand style your hair. Hadn’t styling is arguably much easier than heat styling, and it’s less likely to compromise your hair which we also love. Luckily for us, we carry a brand in salon that is dedicated almost entirely to hand styling - Reverie. If this easy, messy chic look speaks to you talk to your stylist about hand styling and what products you’ll need!

What fall/winter trends are you most excited about? Leave us a comment and let us know!



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