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Fall/Winter Style and Sustainability

Fall and Winter runways brought us some new exciting looks for 2022. From new takes on tried and true basics to styling combos we’ve yet to see, fall and winter are definitely bringing some iconic looks. In this blog post we wanted to highlight our favorite looks from this years runways as well as look at sustainable options and view the fashion industry in an honest light.

One of the most exciting things we saw was a new take on basic tank and trouser. It’s likely you’ve seen this trend on instagram or even gracing your friends, it’s is a classic easy day outfit. What we saw on runways is taking these tanks and trousers to the next level, with tanks emblazoned with Pradas iconic triangle logo and other embellishments. We don’t have any disillusions about what a Prada Tank Top costs ($995), but knowing that this kind of look can be elevated to this level allows room for your own creativity to flow. Mixing mediums, mixing office wear and undershirts, all of this is playground for your own fashion insights to come forth.

Going hand in hand with these elevated basics is the re-emergence of the tailored suit. You might think that skirt suits are better left in your mothers closet, but what we’ve seen this fashion week is a mini-skirt suit in prints, colors and fabrics that redefine what a skirt suit is. With so many people heading back to work after a long period of pajamas and zoom meetings, we think people are just hankering for a little oomf in there office-wear.

And if a mini-skirt maybe feels like too much for your office space, you can always pair your favorite go-to work fit with a suit jacket, we recommend finding one that speaks to you, either from a designer retailer or the second hand store, and then making your tailor your new bestie.

With the 90’s and early aughts fashion coming back with a vengeance, we were happy to see some of the more interesting counter-culture trends from this era getting the spotlight as well. Bring out your cassette collection ‘cos Grunge is back on the scene. We’re not saying pack away your butterfly clips and platform flip-flops forever (or are we?), but what’s to come looks less like raiding your teenage self’s closet and more like Maison Margiela and Ann Demeulemeester at the height of their debut collections. Plunging necklines paired with flannel pieces and long skirts with over-sized jackets graced Hermes, Gucci and Diesel.

Think maximalism’s edgy cousin, with pattern mixing and layering to your hearts content.

Leather segued seamlessly within the fall/winter runway, and no shade, but it may be time to throw out your pleather jacket from 2016 and invest in a nice leather jacket if this look is something you’re after. We are hesitant to promote something that could be interpreted as fast fashion leather usage, especially with pleather being so damaging to the environment, but it’s this bloggers belief that everyone deserves the joy of owning one perfect, buttery, real, high quality, leather piece. Leather Bomber jackets are nothing new for Fall, but this was absolutely the look this fashion week. And honestly, we’re happy this look has not aged. Your leather goods will last you a lifetime if you take care of them, and there’s no point in owning something with that kind of longevity that will eventually go out of style.

Speaking of lasting a lifetime, it is almost time to bring out your gorgeous floor length coat (we know you have one somewhere in the back of your closet), big comfy coats in autumnal colors hold a special place in all our hearts and they shone brightly on runways in new and unexpected fabrics and colors. If you don’t have an old Pendleton hidden away somewhere in your closet, this is another situation where you may want your tailor on speed dial. If, like many of us, you're not ready to buy a bright orange coat from a designer first hand, we cannot recommend your local vintage or consignment store enough.

Paired with dark sunglasses, and those boots you’ve been waiting to bust out for winter, this look screams effortless chic.

Chiffon absolutely stole our heart this season with delicate but intentional pieces that fit perfectly and leave you with less of fairy princess vibe, and more ‘I’m on the List’ energy. Alberta Ferretti, Fendi and Christian Dior all sent models down the runway in intermittently figure hugging and flowing pieces. Since Chiffon is a non-biodegradable fabric we do recommend checking out Chiffon’s more sustainable cousins such as recycled polyester-organza or recycled polyester-tulle. Many big designers are utilizing these second life fabrics in their collections and we always recommend doing your own research about the ethical and environmental impact of the clothing you buy first hand.

If I can leave you with any intentional take aways from this post it’s that fashion is cyclical, you will find the pieces inspiring todays runways in your local vintage store and in mixing pieces from your own closet you’ve never thought of before. We know it can be oh so tempting to buy trickle down pieces inspired from runways on fast fashion sites, but we promise you’ll find more joy in studying and getting inspired by the silhouettes and fabrics from the runways, supplanting your own fashion taste over them, and going on the hunt for timeless pieces that will inevitably last you a lifetime, rather than going out of style in a season.

This isn’t to say it’s never worth it to splurge on a piece you’ve been lusting after, just a reminder that there are sustainable options to weave into your shopping repertoire.

Happy Shopping friends!



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