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How to revive your blowout

Do you ever feel like your dry shampoo is just not doing the trick? TIRED of spending so much energy on your blowout? Do you have a special moment you want to feel refreshed for and don't have time to redo your whole routine? Well here is our inside scoop on how to make your life a little easier, and learn to REVIVE your blowout! This recommendation works best on second day hair. So if your first round blow-dry didn't turn out as good as planned, or it has just fallen out of shape due to all the humidity this time of year, we have your solution!

Here are some signs you may want to revive your hairstyle...

  • Your hair is Lacking Shine

  • The hair is too flat or poofy

  • Your ends looks too undone (in not a good way). You want to get that movement back in the right places

  • You have Frizz that isn't easily tamed.

Start by using Oribe's Mystify. It is a misting product that dampens the hair just enough to allow you to reset your blow-dry from the previous day. The best part about this product is it will not make your hair feel weighed down or greasy. Mystify will prolong your style while protecting your strands. This hydrating spray reactivates yesterdays products to restyle while nourishing, strengthening, and shielding against thermal damage. Some of our favorite ingredients include, avocado oil which is rich in vitamins A, B, D and E. It nourishes your hair while locking in moisture, and ingredients like Lactic Acid smoothes, strengthens, and restores elasticity to the hair. This is our secret key to success for recreating that desired style; when dampening the hair with Mystify it's just like pressing the restart button on your blow out. Just shake and mist on next day hair, grab your favorite paddle brush to quickly redefine your style.


The Ergo polishing paddle brush is a great styling tool to pull down all of those fly-aways; it's the best start to a sucessfull blowout. We usually focus around the hairline, brushing the hair away from the face, then pushing the hair around the head shape in a back and forth motion. The reason we chose Ergo specifically is because of the ionic design. One of it's main features is the heat resistant nylon pins that grip and tame even the thickest, wildest, most unruly hair! The Pins are infused with Tourmaline Crystal Complex, a unique natural crystal material, that when combined with heat emits negative ions and dramatically reduces static electricity to provide the maximum hair polishing effect. When the hair is moving through the pins, the Tourmaline Crystal Complex compacts the outer hair's cuticle, providing a deep lustrous mirror-like shine to the hair. Tourmaline also has the amazing ability to neutralize odors such as smoke, and excessive perfumes. This brush will leave your hair smelling clean and fresh!

If you want more volume or bevels, we follow up with one of Ergo's round brushes. The paddle brush will be easy and efficient, especially since you are starting with lightly damp second day hair (meaning most of the work will be done for you). The round brush will add more detail giving volume, soft bevels, and make the hair ready for a night out!

Half way through the blow-dry add a pump of Oribes Split End Seal to the hair. This product can be used on wet or dry hair, it's a multi- purpose product that does it all! It seals the end of each strand as well as giving your hair the help it needs to stay healthy, and to grow long! This silkening serum and split end mender is clinically proven to restore, fortify, and preserve tresses of every shade. It contains Carob Tree Extract which forms into an amino acid matrix that adheres the hair shaft and cuticle to mend and strengthen. You will also receive heat activated Vegetable Protein cross links on hair to form a cohesive bond which protects against drying and damage from styling stress.

To lock this look in, use Oribe's most coveted finishing product Impermeable Anti-Humindty Spray. This is a great product if your hair tends to respond to the humidity (it may go poofy or flat). Anti Humidity spray shields hair from frizz on the surliest of days, protecting sleek blowouts, and perfect curls alike. You can spray on finished hair to block frizz, set and style, and add texture. Some benefits you will receive are Pro-Vitamins B5 which will help thicken, condition, and build volume. If you still feel like you have not mastered the blow dry YET, use this before you curl to help with heat protection and extra hold. Another major go-to for improving your second day look. This spray will keep those curls looking perfect all day.

This should give you a sigh of relief after you realize how much time you will save when you can just wake up REVIVE and GO! It is a busy holiday season and we want to spend every spare moment we have toward giving love to the ones who matter most! We hope you are having fun and looking fabulous. Alway keep us posted if you want us to go over this in person. We love doing styling lessons. Can't wait to see you at your next appointment!

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