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Our fall lip capsule

Here at Parlour, Fall is hands down our favorite Season! We finally get to reach alllllll the way to the back of our closets and bring out our favorite sweaters, cuddle up with our coziest scarfs, throw on those cute boots you've been waiting to wear all year and layer up for the colder weather. Aside from changing up your wardrobe, another way to play with your style is with makeup. The Fall season calls for darker pallets, play up your eyes with deeper tones, or our favorite: rock a dramatic lip!

For this post we have decided to choose our top 4 lip colors for Fall. We call it our "Fall Capsule". The reason we chose these colors is because they will complement any skin tone and will elevate your fall look! We love the idea of keeping a few of these staple lip colors in our bag so you can just throw them on easily and feel a bit more put together. We have chosen two corals, a bright red and a deep violet.

You may be used to using coral in Spring and Summer, but we love using it for Fall. It's a fresh, fun color that will brighten up any day. Coachella Coral and Sexy Sienna from Charlotte Tilbury are the two featured colors for the capsule. When a coral tone is worn with Fall colored outfits, it tends to make the entire look pop, and can feel a little sassy and unexpected. It's great because you may be able to reuse some of your favorites from Spring and Summer, but pair them with a deeper liner for a completely different look!

Coachella Coral is a bold color. When going for a brighter tone like this, we recommend pairing it with a creme blush and some mascara. Our other pick, Sexy Sienna, is more of a nude-coral and goes beautifully with soft nude pallets. Both of these corals are great for day & night but when looking to make more of a statement for a girls night out, Coachella Coral is the obvious choice. Sexy Sienna is especially great for everyday wear, although both choices will look beautiful for the season. Let's take a closer look at our Fall Capsule.

When you think of a Fall lip color these next two colors would most likely be what comes to mind. For the fun red lip we went with Tom Ford's Original Sin. Every woman needs a red lip in her makeup collection. Reds can seem a little intimidating but this lipstick is a show stopper! What is so nice about wearing darker lips is that you don't need to wear much else. It's so easy to wear red's with a fresh face and just a dab of tinted moisturizer. Transitioning into the evening, add a swipe of mascara and some liquid liner.

This final pick for the capsule is the most dramatic tone. Oribe's The Violet. This sultry lip color is so pigmented and looks amazing on all skin tones. Wonderfully paired with a strong brow. This violet is a MUST HAVE for our green eyed gals, making their eye color more vibrant! This rich tone is also great for playing up the typical fall clothing colors we love wearing. Come in and let us help you pick the best capsule color for you. We can't wait to see you for your next appointment!

Up next week on the blog: Summer to Fall hair using extensions

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