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perfecting the Nude lip

Holiday parties are around the corner where we get to catch up with distant relatives, meet new friends and connect with people that we do business with. Looking our best is important, but it can be tricky when we're sipping champagne and nibbling on hors d'eourvs to keep that favorite red lipstick in place and not on our teeth! The nude lip is our sexy solution to that very problem! Our go-to look for this holiday season is a smokey eye paired with this subtle, soft nude lip.

A classic "smokey eye" usually calls for more grey or brown shades. To achieve this look, use the darker colors in the "V" corner of your lid, use the medium tones to blend the darker color, and a lighter more nude tone around the brow. If you want more drama, add some eye liner. For your cheeks stay with a softer hue, and accent with a shimmery hilighter or bronzer. We believe the real show stopper to the look is the sophisticated nude lip. It will take all of those dramatic tones, and tie them all together. Understandably, trying something different with your look can be intimidating, so we wanted to give a step by step of how to PERFECT THE NUDE.


Start off with a lip liner, it's what creates the outline of the lip, and is what makes the nude look alive. We chose Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury. Whatever color you decide to try, use a tone that is at least two shades darker than your natural lip color, this will help enhance the shape of your lip. TAKE YOUR TIME, be precise, the outline is very important, it is what makes the lips feel polished. We like to layer the liner a tiny bit heavier filling in the exterior corners of the lips, this technique will make the lips look fuller.


Delicately glide a nude lip color on top of your liner. In order to find a perfect shade, follow our fool proof method for picking out your perfect nude color for your skin tone. If your skin tone is lighter, pick a shade with a pink or peach undertone. For more olive skin tones, choose more of a beige or brown undertone. This will neutralize the lip so it can go softly with the darker eye. If you are afraid of a nude you can always try a dusty rose tone ( Like Super Cindy by Charlotte Tilbury), it will look like a nude but with a little pop of a natural lip hue. Our top picks for nude tones are, Super Cindy by Ct and Hepburn Honey, both lined with Pillow Talk.


This last step you can get a little creative with. If you like your lips to feel more hydrated, we would suggest going with a gloss. We used Lip Lustre Seduction by Charlotte Tilbury on Emmy here to the left.

A gloss will add shine, and allow you to add another layer of a sheer tone ( like a pink or beige ). Nude Lips are all about layering a combo of similar shades to your natural lip color that define each other to make the lip more eye catching. Another great option is a matte finish. After you have finished applying your matte lipstick, a good way to conclude this effect is to take a tiny amount of your favorite concealer, and thinly apply it with a flat brush around the outer lip line. This will define the lip even more, and help to keep that lip color in place all night!

We hope you enjoy trying the nude lip! You don't have to wear it paired with a smokey eye, it is a great addition to take any look from ordinary to chic. Let us know if you want your stylist to give you a step by step lip touch up after your next hair service! We look forward to seeing you. Happy Holidays!

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