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Starting a new year with clean clarified hair

One of our strongest beliefs here at Parlour is that you MUST clarify your hair on a regular basis. Clarifying is the process of removing product buildup that may have developed from hair products and hard water from washing your hair at home. This is especially important for us locals because the Bay Area and Santa Cruz has some of the hardest water in the US. If your hair is feeling rough and looking dry it may not be in its natural state, but the hard water that has built up on the hair. Our in salon treatment will free the hair of all minerals and cosmetic build-up to restore its light feel and body.

There are a few different ways to clarify the hair, starting with one of our favorite in salon services called "Get Pure". It contains molecules and natural purifying botanicals such as vitamin C, basil, cypress, and rice (phytic acid) to penetrate the hair structure and remove all build up and deposits such as minerals, metals, hard water, chlorine, smoke, styling products, even prescription medication residue that can live in the hair strand. This ensures optimal color penetration while restoring the hairs natural pristine condition and resiliency. It makes hair more vibrant, conditioned, and manageable. It's an added 10 minutes to the appointment and makes all the difference. When receiving a service such as highlights, there is a possibility that these deposits could not respond well to the lightener and create residual damage to the hair. We suggest doing the treatment quarterly and following it up with a pH balanced clarifying shampoo at home. The clarifying shampoo will not remove the minerals but will help them not attach to the strand.

Shampoo should always contain a pH of 4.5-5.5. When you maintain your hair with products in this pH range, you keep the hair cuticle closed – locking in color, maintaining moisture, and reducing frizz. Anything higher will cause the hair cuticle to blast open resulting in the opposite. Most shampoos sold in stores contain a much higher pH and are extremely harmful to your hair. Our favorite pH balanced hair care line is SOMA which you can purchase here in salon. Soma’s “Hair Technology” line is 100% vegan and uses the best ingredients the world has to offer while having a net zero environmental impact.

Keeping up with this haircare routine will also give you maximum volume. Residual buildup causes the hair to lay flat and look dull! Just another benefit to clean clarified hair! It's what we start each color appointment with to ensure the best results possible. Our clients notice a difference and we know you will too. Ask your stylist for more information next time you're in for an appointment.

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