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Summer to fall hair using extensions

Last week on the blog we talked about transiting into fall through our makeup routine, and this week we thought we would continue that trend and talk about our favorite topic, HAIR!

One way to transition your hair into Fall is to add deep, rich tones especially around your face, illuminating your skin tone. Typically this would be done with a color service called "lowlights". The only problem with this service is there's always a chance the color might eventually fade, leaving your existing color muddy or dulled down. The way we like to avoid this issue is by using extensions to add in lowlights and gorgeous dimension. These extensions will not only leave your hair ready for Fall, you will never have to worry about them fading, or looking brassy. You will also receive the added bonus of instant fullness and sleek, smooth texture that will make your hair so easy to style at home. If you decide to go darker or lighter for the season you can do this effortlessly without compromising the the integrity of the hair, and the best part is.... it can be done in 15 minutes!

What we love about extensions is that they solve so many of our hair problems. When people first think about extensions what traditionally comes to mind is long, high maintenance hair. At Parlour we like using extensions for details like adding more fullness and volume, and color free hair color. We do this by adding just a small amount of hair usually placed around the face. Doing it this way gives the guest a low maintenance look, and costs the same as your existing color services. Exensions can be your quick fix to the perfect tone with no commitment, a great solution to bringing in the holiday season.

The brand of extensions we use is called Easihair Pro. Easihairpro extensions are of the highest quality with an exclusive patent that ensures no hair loss or damage to the hair follicle. This is a great solution to people who feel like they may be having hair loss issues. All of our hair extensions are made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair, and are ethically sourced. EHP hair blends in effortlessly into your existing hair, and is a great way to get a little bit of glam you are hoping for.

Come in for a consult to start your transformation!

Next week on the blog: The perfect glowy look on any skin tone

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