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Hair Cutting Services

Here at Parlour at the Point we are very passionate about the art of hair. We take pride in our thorough consultations to ensure that every client walks out of our Salon feeling beautiful and confident.

Color Services 

At Parlour all of our Signature Color Services start with a professional consultation to ensure your Color is perfect for you and your hair. This service includes a stress relieving scalp massage, shampoo, conditioning and blow out. 


For our guests getting their hair lightened for their first time at Palrour we pair all blonding services (highlight, balayage or bleach and tone) with a clarifying treatment to ensure the integrity of the hair. 

*All prices are starting prices and are based on years of experience 


Signature Haircut 

 At Parlour all of our haircuts start with a professional consultation to ensure your haircut is perfect for you and your hair. This service includes a stress relieving scalp massage, shampoo, conditioning and blow out.  Our Signature haircuts prices are based on level of expertise, length and density of the hair.


Signature Short Haircut 

This option is for men and women with very short hair who don't need a blow-dry and style. If your hair is past your ears this option is not for you.


Signature Long Haircut 

If you hair sits at your mid back or lower, or your haircut is more complex and we will need extra time to tend to more detail.


Signature Curly Haircut

Are you Wavy, Curly, or Coily? We  specialize in cutting curly hair. Our Signature Curly Haircuts include a dry haircut, a personalized treatment, and a curly set. 

We will need to allow extra time to get to know  you and perfect your curls, so first appointments range from  $90+ 

For future appointments your stylist will base your price off your personal needs, with an option of a SIGNATURE DRY CUT, where you can come in with your best hair day curls and we cut as it.  This does not include a wash and set. 


Signature Blowout and Style

Get smoothness and bounce in your hair with a relaxing shampoo and conditioning service that includes a scalp massage and our top of the line styling products. A perfect way to pamper yourself.

Add curl, flat iron, or a braid for an additional $15 


 Signature Luxury Blowout

This is our Signature Blowout  with the added bonus of your stylist creating a personalized treatment, for adding relaxation and healing to the hair. 


Signature Partial Highlight

Light pieces are created by using foils around the top crown and hairline. A classic technique that can create an overall lighter and brighter tone or something more soft and subtle.


Signature Full Highlight 

A full version of a partial highlight. Foils are placed all around the head to create dimension and lightness throughout.


Signature Balayage 

Lighter pieces are placed through the crown and hairline.  Balayage is done by using a free hand painting technique that emulates the sun creating soft natural dimension. This is considered a Partial Balayage.


Signature Full Balayge

Lighter pieces are placed throughout the whole head, this lightening service is applied with a free hand painting technique creating a brighter effect through the ends and softer through the roots. 



Here at Parlour we offer two balayage packages to ensure your service will stay perfect , even in between appointments. 


Our first package includes a bond builder, and glaze six to eight weeks after your balayage service at a discounted rate. 

Starting at $150 

Our second package includes three balayage sessions at a discounted rate.  To get you as light and  bright as you are hoping for, it may take multiple sessions.  Due to your commitment to success, and the insurance to the integrity to your hair, we offer them at a 10% off each session. 

Starting $450

Signature Blonding Transformation 

A lightening service that results in a dramatically lighter outcome.  This look usually includes considerably lighter ends, and a shadow root to help create longevity to the look.

You must book consultation prior to booking this service, so we can create a clear plan, and predict the timing of the service. 


Signature Babylite and Shadowroot 

A very delicate highlight created by using very fine sections creating subtle dimension.  This technique creates a low maintenance look , and is paired with a shadow root to create an even more natural look.

Starting at $175

Signature Mini light

A limited amount of lightening to create dimension, usually to frame the face and soften grey.


Signature Bleach & Tone

Bleach to lighten hair at roots, includes a glaze.



Signature Root Touch Up 

The colorist paints the tint onto the hair only at the root to cover grey, touch up roots, and to create more consistent color throughout. 


Signature Root Touch Up & Refresh aka "All Over Color"

The colorist paints the tint from roots to ends to cover grey, touch up roots, and to create more consistent color throughout. 


Signature Root Touch Up and Highlight 

The colorist paints tint onto the hair to cover grey, touch up roots, and and achieve more consistent color throughout.They will also apply a highlight or balayage through the hair to create lighter dimension.


Signature Vivids

Bright unique tones that mimic shades of the rainbow. Usually needs a double process. 


$125 per hour+

Signature Color Correction 

Color needs to be fixed, or wants a dramatic change.


$125 per hour+

Our Signature "Get Pure" Clarifying Treatment 

This treatment is beneficial to the hair prior to chemical services, especially color. It removes harsh build up that lives in hard water like chlorine, minerals and metals that keep your hair from being in its best state. The results is healthier, shinier hair that even holds onto color longer and resists fading. A Parlour favorite.

$85 ala carte $45 with add on service 

Conditioning Treatment

A treatment added on to a service to improve your hair texture and address its needs. Your stylist will evaluate your hair and cocktail a treatment specifically for you. An affordable and fast treatment to improve the health of your hair.

$85 ala $25 add on service 

Keratin Treatment 

A treatment designed to realign and bond proteins in the hair shaft to improve the overall health and condition of your hair. Weather you are looking to eliminate frizz or achieve a straighter look, this treatment is flexible enough to be customized to the result you desire. The hair is left silky, shiny and more manageable meaning your styling will take half the time and effort. 

*Prices varies on application   

Specailty serivces

Specialty Services

Let the ladies at Parlour get you ready for your big day or girls night out! We offer a variety of hair & makeup services for any occasion big or small!


Wedding Services

We love doing wedding hair & makeup! Let Parlor's team take care of all your beauty needs on your big day. Choose between us coming to you on site, or bring your friends and family in to get pampered here at the salon! 

Inquire for a current pricing sheet and more information.

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We offer hair & makeup services for any occasion! 

We love doing hair and makeup tutorials if you need some extra help learning to do your makeup or how to style your hair book a tutorial with us today!

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Here at Parlour we are proud to offer Easihairpro extensions. Easihairpro extensions are oft the highest quality with a exclusive patent that ensures no  hair loss or damage to the hair follicle. Call or book a consultation today!

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